UX/UI Designer Electrifying User Experiances by Daniel van Veldhoven

Who am I?

I started my career in the creative industry as Animator, where I learned the essential skills for 2d and 3d animations. I continued this road for a couple of years but never really found a place where I could grow and build my identity.

This changed ones I discovered the world of VJ’ing (Video Jockey) and successfully pursued my goals within the industry. The ironic factor was that I never really did attend a concert or a festival before that. It was really the love of labour that you had to combine video with the music.

However, after a few years, I achieved all my goals. I started looking for something new, a new challenge with an infinite goal where I could keep on growing.

I didn’t want to fully throw away my previous skillset and after a while I found UX/UI Design as to be one of the best option I could pursue. I could even continue using the same software packages. But paramount to my decision was that it gives similair insight as when I was a VJ. As a VJ you are unintentially always thinking about how to setup to most user friendly user interface for yourself, and when you are in a team – you have to take in account multiple users. On top of that, it also differs for every single show as no show is the same.

So how do I intent to make a mark within the world of UX/UI Design?

First off all I want to continue using the skills I currently have. So whenever usefull and granted, I’ll try to incorporate motion and strong visual presence into designs, they often convey a stronger language to the user – it really is the international language. In the meanwhile I’ll keep honing my skills at www.interaction-design.org which gave me the platform to grow even further.



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Here you see a few midi controllers that I used during my VJ carreer. They send MIDI notes to the system you are using. However, just sending MIDI notes won’t do much. You’ll still have to “map” them to specific functions which often chance per show.

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StormCtrl was the name of my previous freelance company. I decided to continue the trademark as my portfolio branding.

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I didn’t gave up my 2d/3d Animation skills. I still do it as a hobby where I can continue creating my own worlds of imagination.


+31 6-278-253-93

Weeze, Germany, Europe, Earth (Temporary Location)

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